Different soils

The optimal garden has a lot of different things that you need to consider, and the soil type and quality is one of those things, hence we try to offer the best in quality and variety. The question is however, what IS the best soil type? Well, that is a multi-dimensional question, as it may depend on your garden situation (and budget as well). Generally however, these are the ones that we personally recommend for you to purchase for both commercial and residential use.

Clay soil has a lot of good qualities – it retains water very well and is slower to drain, allowing for your plants to get more nutrients. It is, however, somewhat tough and heavy during the summer. Sandy soil may have potential downsides in its inability to retain water, but at the same time, it does well to retain heat and it is not cumbersome to work with. On the other hand, silty soil is interestingly on the opposite end of the spectrum; colder and better at retaining water, though it does not retain nutrients too well. Ultimately however, for all of the qualities of other soil types, this is one of the best options. It is a combination of sandy, clay, and silt-based soils, and as one would expect, it is one that is more sought out. To note, due to the high shipping costs involved, we do not sell large bags of soil online.